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Angeles® Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs

    Traffic Signs Features

  • Includes authentic-looking signs to help teach traffic safety
  • Bright, vivid colors for easy visibility
  • Made of sturdy weatherproof plastic
  • Includes wide, tip-proof base, great for outdoor use (signs won't topple over in the wind)
  • Each sign measures 11"L x 11"W x 29"H
    27.9 cm x 27.9 cm x 76.7 cm
  • 3-year warranty
    Traffic Signs Product Info
    AFB2600 Set 1 SRP $89.95
    Set 1 includes: Yield, Stop, One Way, School Crossing
    18 lbs. 8.2 kg

    AFB2610 Set 2 SRP $89.95
    Set 2 includes: Left Turn, Right Turn, Speed Limit, RR Crossing
    19 lbs. 8.6 kg

    AFB2620 Set 3 SRP $45.95
    Set 3 includes: 2 Stop Signs
    11 lbs. 5.0 kg