Crib Regulations FAQ

Q: Is it true that the CPSC has recalled all drop-side cribs?
A: No. The CPSC has banned the sale of cribs not meeting the new crib safety standard after June 28, 2011. Drop-side cribs will not meet the new crib safety standard, but there may be other types of cribs that also do not meet the new standard. The CPSC also banned the use of cribs not meeting the new crib safety standard in day care centers and schools after December 28, 2012. The CPSC has not made a blanket recall of drop-side cribs or of cribs in general.

Q: I work in a day care facility. Is there anything important I need to know about this regulation?
A: Yes. Part of the new regulation was a provision specifically for day care facilities (including day care in private homes). Day care facilities must remove any cribs not meeting the new crib safety standard by December 28, 2012. Day care facilities that wish to continue using cribs will need to purchase cribs that comply with the new crib safety standard.

Q: Can I get a repair kit for my drop-side crib so that the side cannot move up and down? If so, can I still use it in my day care center after December 28, 2012?
A: No. Even if the side were immobilized, the crib would not meet the new safety certification requirements and therefore it could not be used in a daycare setting after December 28, 2012.

Q: Have the Angeles® cribs been tested to the new standard?
A: Yes, we have tested Angeles® cribs to the safety standards that became effective on December 15, 2010 and are proud to say that all models of the Angeles® cribs; Adjustable Fixed-Side Cribs and Drop-Gate Cribs are now compliant with all CPSC guidelines.

Q: Did Angeles® keep current with the regulations? If so, why doesn’t my crib meet the new crib safety standard?
A: Angeles® cribs have always met the federal requirements for cribs and met even more challenging requirements in the voluntary ASTM F406 standard for cribs. In this case the CPSC enacted new requirements they felt were in the best interest of consumers and of the highest safety for infants sleeping in cribs. The CPSC enacted a 2-year implementation for day care facilities so that child care providers would have time to gradually purchase cribs that meet the new crib safety standards. This was something that no vendor, including ANGELES® could have known until December 15, 2010, when the new regulation was passed.

Q: Can I have my crib tested to see if it meets the new requirements?
A: The test is relatively expensive, and typically requires more than one unit for the test since the crib test will result in the destruction of the crib. If you have a significant budget and a number of cribs, you may wish to explore having the cribs tested. However, it is more practical to rely on manufacturers to have these tests done. No drop-side crib will pass the testing.

Q: The warranty on my crib has not expired. Can I still use it in my day care center after December 28, 2012?
A: No. The warranty on a crib applies only to defects in the construction of the unit and overall quality of the product, but a warranty does not apply to safety standards created by federal or state governments or government agencies. The CPSC passed new regulations that effectively ban the use of cribs in a day care center or school that do not meet the new crib safety standards after December 28, 2012. Day care centers and schools that use cribs on their premises must ensure that those cribs meet the new crib safety standards by December 28, 2012.

Q: I bought a crib for personal use (in a home). Can I still use it after December 28, 2012?
A: The new crib regulations do not apply to cribs for personal use, they apply to people in the child care profession. This includes home day care facilities, but not personal use by consumers.