Product Safety

Product safety is the top priority at Angeles®. For 50 years the Angeles® name has carried with it a commitment to quality, durability and safety, and this commitment remains the same today. Our concern for the safety and welfare of children is the basis for everything we do; we want children to have the best possible products and support as they develop, grow and begin their educations. We will not tolerate products that do not meet our rigorous safety standards.

To give us reliable and objective information on our products, we utilize one of the largest independent testing laboratories in the world. And we review products in our warehouses to be sure that the quality we saw in initial samples continues in the orders and reorders.

As a leading provider of products for young children, we take very seriously our responsibility to help educators keep their classrooms safe. We recognize our obligation to work with our manufacturers to be sure they understand and observe the commitment to quality and safety that are imperatives at our company.

Please be assured that safety is top of mind for all of us at Angeles®. You can be certain that the policies and priorities we have in place will not change and have our full attention. We will continue to put children first.

Statement on Crib Mattresses and Rest Mats